A complete package for parents After-School Classes, Pro-D day , Spring Break & Summer Break Camps PLUS Free Pick-up for Closer Schools

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We pick up your child from the school to Funderland center, where children will freshen up after a long day. They play and improve their individual and social skills through a variety of activities while our fee is still in the same range as after-school care. Read More


What Makes Us Different?

Funderland Centre Believes:
Our purposeful games and activities empower children with self Improvement skills that have lifelong benefits such as: self-understanding, self-expression, focus, Flexibility, awareness, time management, teamwork, empathy, consistency, confidence, responsibility.
By Harvard University
No One Is born With Executive Function Skills, But Everyone Can Build Them.
We all need a set of core capabilities that we can develop with practice over time; Self-Control, Flexibility, Focus, Awareness that help us manage our life, plan ahead, set goals and meet them. Scientists call them “Executive Function” or “ Self Regulation Skills”.
Executive Function Skills
            HELP us deal with whatever life throws at us and                        still, keep heading where we need to go
            HELP us resist impulsive behaves stop and change                   course when we need to
When we are children, we practice these skills by playing games, learning teamwork and adjusting to new rules. The more we use these skills in early ages, the stronger and faster they become as we need to call them under both stressful situations and lifetime goal setting rather than reacting impulsively. That’s why practice is so important.

From FUN to Life-Skills