• Does Funderland Children Centre hold a childcare license?
No,  Funderland Centre is not a “care” centre that needs licensing in order to provide care and snacks for the children. Based on “BC Community Care and Assisted Living Act Child Care  Licensing  Regulation”  NOT all the programs working with children need to hold  a  childcare license, and certain programs are except from licensing. Therefore,  all educational centres that are currently operating for artistic, musical or athletic skill training like dance, music, singing, arts, tutoring, soccer, volleyball, hockey, swimming,  and many other skills as well as day camps and recreational programs are not required to hold childcare licenses although they work with young children age 3 and up. Funderland program is also considered as a course of activity for children that intends to promote specifically self regulation “skills” through a wide range of purposefully designed activities. We are also considered as a day camp program operating on school closures/breaks throughout the year and our main advantage is that we provide free school pick up service.
  • Does online registration have any commitments or cancellation fee?
No. Online registration at our website is just considered as a simple reservation. Before final registration a separate form will be provided , followed by a tour of the facility for you and your lovely child.
  • Can I choose any 1, 2 or 3 days of the week ?
    Yes. You can choose from 1 to 5 classes per week.
  • Is your special opening fee valid for Sep 2020 classes if I register now?
No, our special opening fee ($100 / 4 sessions) is only valid for the classes in March,April and May 2020. For Sep 2020 classes, you will pay a deposit now to secure the spot, and regular fees ($125 / 4 sessions) is applicable. Please see after school class pages .
  • What is the procedure for securing my child’s spot for a later month (For example Sep and Oct 2020) ?
You will fill a separate registration form and transfer $40 as a deposit  which is refundable before final registration.