Covid Safety Measures

Daily Temperature Monitoring:

Every day we will use a non-contact digital thermometer, so that staff and children’s body temperatures are quickly measured before entering the centre. 

Class Size and Social Distancing 

Staff and children wear mask during classes.
Max 10 students in classes (actual capacity is 17)
Program is now limited to students under age 8.
Personal coloring materials with name tags for each student.
We have increased the number of tables for max two students to maximize physical distancing during activities and encourage children to avoid physical contact. 


At the end of the day we will disinfect floors and most frequently touched surfaces and items including toys, markers, chairs , tables, door knobs, light switches etc. we use kid- friendly disinfectant sarys and disposable wipes. For some items we will use a high temperature sanitizer/dishwashing machine.
During the day children are frequently encouraged to wash their hands with soap.

Separate Pick-up & Drop-off spaces

For less chance of virus spread, adults are required not to enter children’s room at any time. There is a designated area at the entrance door for families with a bell to ring. There they can sign in/out, pick up and drop off their children.