What Makes us Unique?

Why parents choose Funderland program over routine after-school care?


  • School Pick-Up Service
            We pick up your child from school 
  • Same Cost -No Need to After School Care
              No routine program, everyday something new check our activity list your child will have a wonderful time           with our team and other children
  • Service on all School Closures
  •             (Pro-D Days, Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Camps)

Our Vision

Is that familiar to you?  :
“ Connect to your inner child”
As an adult, many of us have lose connection to our natural inner child that brings excitement and joy to our life. This is because although civilization has numerous advantages, it also has some discontent due to the fact that many of our most basic desires are at odds with the expectation of “civilized society” to fit all childhood into a single mold. Funderlan tries not to let such an inevitable disconnection happen through the journey of childhood to adulthood valuing the humanistic and benefits of modern society.
BUT, this doesn’t mean we are about to raise a bunch of silly irresponsible selfish teenagers!
We aim just to avoid them from asking this question :
“ Where Did All the Fun Go?”

Our Mission


I Am Good, You Are Good
  • Funderland believes in our modern world the drama of “competition and success” gets control of children’s desires and inform theirtrue happiness as might have happened to many of us too. As caregivers for the wellbeing of our children, they grow up and set goals, we need to keep reminding them not to be disappointed if they lose and not be too proud if they win! They are good enough and should be happy if they only play their best with their limited cards in hand.
  • With the emphasis on Social Learning Theory, we help children through group and individual games and activities with close supervision by caregivers who fully engage with the children. Amazing moments happen each day and day by day. Activities are many but some of them are listed on our activity page such as acting, arts & crafts, group discussions, visiting places, story writing, story andjoke telling, movies, cartoons, and much more….
  • While children are engaged in the activities with our team and their peer groups, they are having fun and challenges without noticing they are learning valuable social-emotional skills; skills that have lifelong benefits such as:  self-understanding, self-expression, enjoying the moment, mindfulness, flexibility, inclusion, acceptance, time management, teamwork, empathy, consistency, critical thinking ,asking for help, responsibility.
  • Through this approach, the Funderland team encourages children to keep a balance between their childish quality and the outside world. This approach values enjoying the process of doing something rather than focusing on the result.

The program we are talking about is not what you are familiar with, but it is something that aware and mindful parents can hope for.


Funderland Management